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Total Film Office Talk

  • Dan: So I went to the Apple store to get my iPod fixed. Biggest shit storm ever.
  • Kathryn: Did they fix it?
  • Dan: No, they offered me an appointment tomorrow, but I wasn't standing there tomorrow, I was stood there then. They practically talked to me in a baby voice. Condescending bastards.
  • Kathryn: Didn't you make an appointment online first?
  • Dan: No, because Virgin Media decided to turn off my internet connection for two weeks over the holiday period, a time when I would be at home a lot and need to use the internet there. 'Sorry for the inconvenience' they said. I'll inconvenience them, the set of pricks.
  • Kathryn: That's terrible.
  • Dan: Yeah, so happy new year anyway, glad to be back.