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2011 Oscar Nominations


Best Picture

    * Black Swan
    * The Fighter
    * Inception
    * The Kids Are All Right
    * The King’s Speech
    * 127 Hours
    * The Social Network
    * Toy Story 3
    * True Grit
    * Winter’s Bone

Performance by an actor in a leading role

    * Javier Bardem in “Biutiful”
    * Jeff Bridges in “True Grit”
    * Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network”
    * James Franco in “127 Hours”
    * Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”

Performance by an actor in a supporting role

    * Christian Bale in “The Fighter”
    * John Hawkes in “Winter’s Bone”
    * Jeremy Renner in “The Town”
    * Mark Ruffalo in “The Kids Are All Right”
    * Geoffrey Rush in “The King’s Speech”

Performance by an actress in a leading role

    * Annette Bening in “The Kids Are All Right”
    * Nicole Kidman in “Rabbit Hole”
    * Jennifer Lawrence in “Winter’s Bone”
    * Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”
    * Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine”

Performance by an actress in a supporting role

    * Amy Adams in “The Fighter”
    * Helena Bonham Carter in “The King’s Speech”
    * Melissa Leo in “The Fighter”
    * Hailee Steinfeld in “True Grit”
    * Jacki Weaver in “Animal Kingdom”

Best animated feature film of the year

    * How to Train Your Dragon
    * The Illusionist
    * Toy Story 3

Achievement in Cinematography

    * Black Swan 
    * Inception 
    * The King’s Speech
    * The Social Network 
    * True Grit 

Achievement in directing

    * Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky
    * The Fighter, David O. Russell
    * The King’s Speech, Tom Hooper
    * The Social Network, David Fincher
    * True Grit, Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

Best Documentary Feature

    * Exit through the Gift Shop
    * Gasland
    * Inside Job
    * Restrepo
    * Waste Land Lucy Walker and Angus Aynsley

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score)

    * How to Train Your Dragon,  John Powell
    * Inception, Hans Zimmer
    * The King’s Speech, Alexandre Desplat
    * 127 Hours, A.R. Rahman
    * The Social Network, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Achievement in visual effects

    * Alice in Wonderland
    * Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
    * Hereafter
    * Inception
    * Iron Man 2

Adapted screenplay

    * 127 Hours
    * The Social Network
    * Toy Story 3 
    * True Grit
    * Winter’s Bone

Original screenplay

    * Another Year
    * The Fighter
    * Inception
    * The Kids Are All Right
    * The King’s Speech

See the full list of nominations at Total Film

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