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So the PR for Tangled sent me this wig;

(Me with my eyes closed for some reason)

And this Rapunzel doll;

It’s like Christmas Pt. II.

I’m off to join a Scananavian Metal Band, but since Tangled is out today in the UK, you should read our review then go see it!

Dan :)

  1. alexesther said: Scananavian Metal Band OR Siberian Christmas Orchestra?
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    The wig totally suits you :)
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  7. americanbornterror said: Hot.
  8. thatfilmduderyan said: bahahahahaha
  9. hedgewytch said: Very Sexy x
  10. sebknowsbest said: Why is it that the Total Film office looks considerably less cool than I’d always imagined? I actually feel like someone just told me everything I’d ever believed was a lie… I AM Truman Burbank…
  11. design84 said: I need this wig in my life…
  12. inglourious-basterd said: you guys are beyond awesome! XD