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40 Greatest Movie Car Chases

1) The French Connection (1971)

The Chase: It’s arguably the most iconic car-chase in movie history as Popeye Doyle chases a subway train full of villains in a 1971 Pontiac Le Mans. With the hair-raisingly dangerous sequence being filmed without the permission of the City of New York, it’s no wonder Hackman looks like he’s concentrating…

Best Bit: Popeye narrowly dodges a mother and baby, sending a stack of crates flying in the process.

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    I need to thank my dad for showing me this film all those years ago! This chase never gets old!!
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    ["Click to see the full list]
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    It’s in the conversation, but for me, the chase in Bullitt is better.
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    No permits. No permission. Nothing. Here’s a video of director Friedkin talking about it.
  13. entermycourts said: I never understand how anyone would seriously rate “The French Connection” over “Bullitt”. Boggles the mind.